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25 September 2009 @ 06:28 pm
yes, i am.  
Hoping it is okay to post this here. Cross posted to my personal journal.

Why, yes, I am a Mormon, thanks.

A list borrowed from a Facebook Group below cut.

You most likely know one. Whether you're aware of it or not.

Our real name is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. Which means we're Christian :)

Sometimes we go by LDS.

Mormon is a nickname given us because we believe in the Book of Mormon. We usually go by Mormon cuz that's how people know us...

We don't drink.

We don't smoke.

We don't drink coffee... and if you see one of us doing that, slap them and say "NO!"

Joseph Smith was the first LDS prophet. Brigham Young was the second.

BYU is a Mormon college...There are 4 of them - one in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii and Israel. BYU stands for Brigham Young University.

We don't have sex before marriage.

We have more fun playing chutes and ladders than spin the bottle.

Not all of us have been Mormon our whole lives...

The high school-aged youth go to a seminary (like Sunday school) class each morning before school.

Our church session is 3 hours long and we love it.

The Mormon missionaries are the two coolest people ever. Be nice to them ;P

It's true. We make the best green jello salad and casseroles you've ever tasted.

We think Mormon jokes are funny.

We don't date till we're sixteen.

We know that groups dates are more fun anyway.

We know that the most fun dates - don't cost money.

We give talks in church in front of 150-300 people. how's that for public speaking?

We are stubborn as heck. We don't give in to peer pressure.

We have refreshments at almost ANY meeting.

We celebrate holidays by throwing either a BBQ or a dinner.

We love to sing and dance.

If you go to a youth dance, you WILL see conga lines, break dancing, square or line dances and swing dancing.

You will also participate in either the Chicken dance, or the Hokey Pokey ;P

Almost every Mormon girl can play the piano.

We don't watch R-rated movies.

We dress modestly. Skirts/shorts to the knee, shirts with sleeves, one-piece bathing suits... that type of thing. These standards are never supposed to be relaxed... EVEN FOR PROM.

We CAN use technology.

We CAN eat fast-food.

We DON'T practice polygamy.

If we ask you to go to an activity, it's NOT a conspiracy thing where we're trying to convert you. It means we have fun and we want to share that with you. Likely the church won't even really be mentioned while you're there.

If we ask you to go to church, it's because we care enough about you to want to share with you what we know and the blessings we've received.

If we give you a Book of Mormon, we're giving you the most precious gift we have. It may not have the same meaning to you at first. That book has changed lives for the better and when we see you going through hard times, we want to help. This is the best way we know of helping you. So don't be offended. Even if you don't want it, know that we care about you THAT much.

If you turn us down, it's ok.

If you think we're pushing you, tell us to knock it off! We'll stop.

If you ask us what we believe, only for the sake of arguing, we won't tell you. It's pointless to engage on that when you're not going to open your mind and listen.

Asking you to go to church, an activity, or giving you a Book of Mormon is incredibly hard. It's like a guy asking out his crush. Some of us are more comfortable in doing that than others. It's hard. So if we do it, be NICE! :)

We don't care what you wear, what you look like, as long as you come! We're happy to see you!

We'll live on pizza.

We know what it's like to push a handcart.

We have all sorts of useless skills and know a bunch of stupid games.

We do genealogy. It's pretty darn cool when you find out you're related to someone famous...or that you're royalty.

Your parents will let you go just about anywhere, as long as one of us goes with you.

Mothers LOVE Mormon girls as babysitters.

PG movies ROCK!

We don't all love the Lion King.

The guy who owns the Marriott Hotels is Mormon.

Steve Martin is NOT Mormon just because he did Cheaper by the Dozen.

We DO tend to have big families. The more the merrier.

The boys go on two-year missions when they turn 19. And no, they don't get to choose where they go.

RM stands for returned missionary. They make the best boyfriends and husbands, and every Mormon girl wants one ^_^

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of us would rather live in Antarctica than Utah

If you see anyone on TV (not on the BYU channel) under the age of fifty talking about Mormons, they're probably lying.

It's nearly impossible to offend us - even if you do it on purpose.

We don't use bad language and we hate hearing it from others. But if you slip up, it's not a big deal. We still love you.

People like, respect and even admire us, but are rarely interested in hearing what we believe.

Donnie and Marie? Mormons.

The Bat Commander? Mormon.

Steve Young? Mormon

Gladys Knight? Mormon

Not all LDS are racially white as we have many Africans, Asians, Pan-American Islanders, etc.

We're not perfect. No one is. We make mistakes. We slip. Try not to judge us by one person who is struggling.

Michelletaprootgirl on September 26th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
This one was my favorite:

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of us would rather live in Antarctica than Utah
lips of steelsniffme on September 26th, 2009 10:47 pm (UTC)
Awesome! We should just make pamphlets and when someone starts saying something stupid, give it to them.
A Tumbuka lad in exiletiwonge on September 28th, 2009 06:00 am (UTC)
People over the age of 50 are less likely to be lying about Mormons?

I'm not sure I get that one.