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07 October 2009 @ 11:23 am
closet case mormon  

I've been a member of the church for 4 years.... and in many ways, I'm still a closet case.

I grew up in the arts community. There was a time in my life where ALL my friends fit into three categories:


I live in a bible belt portion of the world in an area that is FILLED with Mormons. So, Mormons have a rep... one that my family finds annoying. My family is very liberal, open to everything... except mormons. They don't seem to like mormons because of all the "rules"... and have problems with a lot of the doctrine. I've come to terms with it... and they are learning to live with it.

Ill be going on a mission in a month, and I know my decision is hurting my family. I know all the stereotypical stuff...."they'll come to terms with it", "its for their own good"... but right now... it's not like that. My family has a high social standing, and me being mormon, and my brother being gay, are two items that are kinda like family secrets. We don't talk about them, acknowledge them, or anything like that. But, you know how you come across a fashionably dressed man, and you just KNOW he's gay.... well, you come across me, and you just KNOW i'm gay.

Last week a friend of my parents asked the mom of one of my friends if I was mormon, and she said yes. All of a sudden I was thrown into a world of trying to protect my family, but also stand up for what I believe in....

Am I weird? Has anyone else out there ever felt like a closet case mormon?